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You’ve received the following request from Ian McIntyre.

Interested in a garden office

Request Details:

Request ID: DAaztN
Configurator: The Taet : Premium Design
Product 3m x 3m The Taet : Premium Design

User Selections:

  • Base Price£13,600.00
  • Base Image£0.00
    • Image 1
  • Already Included£0.00
    • Insulation
    • Internal Sockets
    • Ceiling Downlights
    • Heater
  • Choose Your Window£0.00
    • Vertical
  • Choose Your Doors£0.00
    • Sliding Door
  • External Double Sockets£150.00
    • One External Double Socket£150.00
  • Ethernet£0.00
    • No Ethernet Connection
  • Landscaping£1,200.00
    • Intermediate Package£1,200.00
Total Price£14,950.00

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Customer Details:

Name Ian McIntyre
Phone 07580939279