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Name: Adrian Gail


Phone: 07817453110

Product: 3m x 4.8m The Kontor : Standard Design

Configurator: The Kontor : Standard Design

Message: Hello, we’re currently looking for a garden room. We’re BASED in eagleshAm. Could tou olease get in touch to discuss the above quOte.

Thanks, adrian

Customize Option:

  • Base Price£14,740.00
  • Already Included£0.00
    • Insulation£0.00
    • Internal Sockets£0.00
    • Ceiling Downlights£0.00
    • Heater£0.00
  • Choose Roofline£0.00
    • Larch Roofline£0.00
  • Choose Your Window£0.00
    • Horizontal£0.00
  • Choose Your Doors£0.00
    • Sliding Door£0.00
  • External Double Sockets£85.00
    • One External Double Socket£85.00
  • External LEDs£126.00
    • 3£126.00
  • Ethernet£135.00
    • Ethernet Connection£135.00

Total Price