With the rise in the cost of living why not add value to your home by building a garden room and at the same time save money on renting an office or heating your entire house when working from home.

Heating Bills

You are heating only 1 room instead of a whole house and I can guarantee your garden room will be better insulated than your house.   We build our garden rooms to the same specification as an extension, the only difference is the exterior cladding.

Rent & Rates

Are you spending money for office space / salon / studio?   You can put your “rent” to paying off the finance and it wont take more than a few months.

Travel & Commuting

No more paying for public transport or petrol – it’s a hop skip and a jump to your garden pod.   Lets not even mention the times they don’t turn up!


Do you buy coffees and lunch most days of the week?  Costa coffee is £ a day £ a week £ a year

Lunch is more!


You will save time in commuting; meetings will be more productive and there is less time chatting at the water cooler.