Expand your working space outside by looking into garden offices, we build various designs across Glasgow and across the central belt of Scotland!

Make sure you compare the technical specification to ensure it is at a standard that will be most effective at keeping you warm and cosy inside.

An outdoor workspace gives you freedom to think, room to move, and the opportunity to blend your work into the natural beauty of your garden. But the question remains: are garden offices warm enough for working in all year-round? Read on to find out which garden office design can keep you comfy and cosy during colder months.

Choose an Office With Proper Insulation, Ventilation and Heating Systems.

Insulation, ventilation and heating are three essential factors to consider when choosing a garden room. Proper ventilation helps prevent stagnant air from accumulating, while the right heating system makes sure that your outdoor workspace is always a comfortable temperature.

The structure should be double batton to 50mm to allow the air to flow between the cladding and the internal structure.

Look for fully insulated designs with high spec double-glazing windows with ventilation sliders. Floor, wall and roof insulation to PIR standard not wool, and electric radiator 1200watts and over to keep you warm. These features will ensure the cold air stays out and the warm air stays in.

Always check the technical spec and where possible ask someone who has some knowledge on insulation and u values of the windows etc for example we use 5.2 studs and cheaper options use 4.2, this makes a huge difference in the insulation and integrity of the building.

For more information or to talk through any of the technical please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07803 042 338 or email hello@hyggepod.com