The Ultimate Question … If you are looking into which investment is best for you let me help you by breaking it down.

What is a garden room?

A Hyggepod garden rooms are based in Glasgow and are specifically built temporary buildings that are built to the same specification as an extension but doesn’t require any of the hassle, cost and upheaval of an extension and its less than half the price!!!

They are amazing buildings and completely transform your garden adding a profitable extension to your home. 

These temporary (we just say temporary for building regulations, our garden rooms will last over 30 years!) buildings are ready for use 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter if you’re working the 9 – 5 in January or you have the family round for dinner in July, our Hyggepod Garden rooms are built to make it all possible.

Hyggepod Garden rooms in Newton Mearns
Siberian Larch Hyggepod garden room

The windows and doors are double glazed, have a u-value of 1.4 and are the same spec as in your house.

The insulation in the roof, walls and floor is also the same spec as what’s in your house and are 225mm in thick.

The roof is 1 piece of EDPM rubber made by firestone and comes with a 20 year guarantee.

The internal heights are 2.4m to 2.3m – we need to slope the garden room from the front to the back to allow the water to flow into the gutter and not sit stagnant on the roof.    The height can be raised or lowered; we don’t like to lower them too much because it them feels pretty poke to be honest!

There is electricity through an armour cable into a consumer unit within in the pod feeding double sockets, internal spot lights and a slim wall mounted heater with a timer for convenience!

We then finish off by skim plastering the walls for the perfect finish!

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What is a summerhouse??

A summerhouse is described more like a shed!  It only has a single skin.   The walls are the external cladding and there is no insulation in it and the roof is usually covered in numerous overlapped pieces of felt which unfortunately have a terrible reputation of leaking after time or need replaced          !

Can you relax in it with friends over a glass of wine?   Absolutely but I wouldn’t be advising this in the colder months as you will be able to feel the wind blowing through the cracks!  

So, whilst you can use it for working, your Summerhouse is mainly a space to unwind, and escape those stresses of life. 

Warm weather is when your Summer house is at its peak although if you are using it as an office, you will not be able to drown out the giggles and screams of the kids causing havoc in the garden with the super soakers!

The main differences between a garden room and a summer house is longevity, adding value, cost, insulation and material specification.

Book your free garden room survey today and see how much value you can add to your house.

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