We understand you may have some questions about the new addition to your home. We've tried to answer as many of the common ones here as we can, but please do get in touch if you need to know anything else.

About Our Products

What makes your products eco-friendly?

We have sourced some of the most sustainable materials within the UK. The insulation has been graded to be energy efficient in all climates and we build most of the components from scratch ourselves, ensuring minimal manufacturing waste.

Why Siberian Larch?

Siberian Larch has be proven to withstand the coldest of winters and hottest of summers. It has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance. It should been treated every 3 years with OSMO UV protection oil. This is a simple process which we can explain to you during the install. Siberian Larch also offers a lot of character to a garden room. 

What Guarantee Do You Provide?

Hyggepod is a trading name of the Byrne Home Improvements Group. We are a long established, reputable company who stand by the quality of all work. As such we offer a 10-year guarantee on the Siberian Larch if it has been treated every 3 years with OSMO UV protection oil.

What foundations do you use?

We use a specially designed concrete and steel screw foundation system. The garden room is raised off the ground to allow a vented space underneath. This ensures that the garden room will not be affected by rising damp.
We can install the garden room onto an existing concrete base or patio base which would be inspected at the ground survey.

Do you offer electrical connections in my garden room?

Yes, electricity to the garden room is included in the standard package. We can also offer an ethernet connection at a small additional cost.

What type of insulation do you use?

The walls of your pod have 100mm insulation between studs, 25mm PIR boards on the face of studs and are finished with plastered Gyproc.

The floor is insulated with 120 mm PIR board between floor joists and finished with 22mm flooring.

The EPDM rubber roof is insulated with 100mm PIR board.


Do you offer finance plans?

Yes. We work in partnership with Kandoo, who will give you an instant reply after answering a few questions. For more information click here.

What are the payment terms?

To place an order we require a 10% deposit of the total order value. Once the contract has been returned and deposit has been paid a receipt, order confirmation and an installation start date will be provided.

On delivery of materials a further 40% payment is required.

The 50% balance payment will become payable upon completion of the garden room. We accept payments by bank transfer, cash and cheque.

Additional Services & Bespoke Options

Can I have dividing walls to create separate rooms?

Yes, on larger bespoke models we can add multiple rooms. 

Can I extend my pod at a future date?

Yes, our experienced joiners will be able to present a solution for you.

Can I Have A Bespoke Garden Room?

Yes you certainly can! We have experienced carpenters who have years of experience

We can build a garden room to any size and incorporate any design ideas you may have. Click here to find out more about our bespoke offering.

Can you soundproof my pod?

Yes, we can install acoustic panels for customers who enjoy late night jamming sessions. If more robust soundproofing is required we have an architectural designer who will help you explore other options available. 

Can you landscape the rest of my garden after the build?

Absolutely. We have a highly skilled landscaping team within the Byrne Home Improvements Group.

Can you lay flooring within the garden room?

Yes, however this would incur an additional charge. We can discuss this and other decoration options during your first consultation.