Customers ask me all the time “why can’t I just use a shed as my garden office?”

The short answer is you can however I certainly wouldn’t like to be sitting in a shed in these temperatures just now but seriously though there are huge differences between a shed and a garden room.

We build our high specification pods across Glasgow and the Central Belt with insulation and longevity at the forefront!

Comfort & Insulation

  • Zero insulation
  • Limited use in colder seasons
  • possible roof leakages
  • Insulated like an extension
  • All year round use
  • 1 piece EDPM rubber – zero chance of a leak
  • Just like a room in your house


  • It will always look like a shed
  • Empty box
  • Dark internally
  • Stunning addition to your garden
  • Hyggepods are customised to your needs
  • Light and airy

Durability and Longevity

  • A few years with constant maintenance
  • The wood will rot due to no air circulation
  • 10 year workmanship guarantee
  • Garden rooms should last approc 50 years depending on who built it
  • Zero maintenance
  • Durable long lasting materials used

Resale Value (adds value to your property

  • Zero value added
  • You may be asked to remove it when you sell your property
  • A garden room can add up to 10% to your property value as it is an additional room


  • Zero security – usually a padlock that is easily broken
  • flimsy wooden door
  • one key fits all


  • 5 point lock
  • double glazed windows and doors
  • Due to the construction and materials used a shed does not travel well.
  • Once deconstructed once the integrity of the building is compromised
  • Garden rooms can be craned in and out of gardens. If there is a possibility of moving the pod please let us know

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