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Byrne Home Improvements are pleased to announce the arrival of Hyggepod, a specialised team of carpenters to create insulated garden rooms and offices to suit your budget, the perfect addition to your family home.   

In 2008, Joe civil engineer and highly experienced carpenter James, launched Byrne Home Improvements. Organic growth and their excellent reputation allowed them to grow their business and purchase yard space in Clarkston. Over ten year later, this space now houses the own Hyggepod office and showroom.

James Macklin James Macklin - Director Carpenter

“With lower costs, faster build times and easier planning consent than traditional extensions, Garden Offices are perfect for how we live today”

– James

James and Joe are both parents and know first-hand how difficult it is working from home which is why they knew they had to create a space to make working from home easier.  

Having worked in the building trade for years, they also understand how expensive and time consuming an extension can be. Not to mention the associated hassle of planning permission, sourcing a reputable builder and scheduling a large chunk of time for construction.

With garden rooms becoming increasingly popular, the pair decided to use their engineering and carpentry skills to create a range of hand-crafted products versatile enough for any application and ready for the Scottish climate.

James, Joe and their architect worked with various local authorities to attain pre-approved building certification, sourced the best suppliers for materials and selected a team of capable and experienced joiners to build the pods. It is for these reasons we can offer a 10-year guarantee, 4-season weatherproofing and 7-day construction. 

“We are conscious that everyone is struggling with home schooling, working from home and all being stuck in the house 24 hours a day. We want to give you the gift of space by designing a pod to suit your needs, with as little disruption and hassle as possible”
— Joe

Joe Byrne Joe Byrne - Director Engineer

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