When planning your garden room there are several things you should consider.

  1. Budget.   This is the main factor.   My advice would be to get as large a space as you can afford, no one has ever given feedback saying its too big, but I do get a lot of people wishing they had gone larger. We have partnered with Kandoo and you can apply today for finance HERE
  • The Sun.    Make sure that you consider where the sun will be at different times of the day.   You don’t want the sun to be blaring through the doors at the hottest part of the day because our Hyggepods are insulated to the same spec as an extension so they will be cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Floor Space.    Decide what you NEED to have in the garden room then what you WANT and map it out to ensure you have enough space.   I recommend using www.floorplanner.com its free and will give you a visual of the space.    Remember to ask for the internal sizes as this will be smaller than the advertised size
  • Where to position the room.   Do you want the garden room to be a focal point or in a nice quiet corner of the garden?    Do you have an unusable area in the garden you could utilise?
  • Surrounding Area. Think about the area around the garden office.   You might want to budget for some landscaping.    Once you put a stunning new garden room in your garden it makes the rest look a bit tired!
  • Planning Permission.   If you keep 1m from your boundary you won’t need to look at planning permission.   If you are tight for space and want to be as close to the boundary as possible there are 2 solutions.   1) we can give you the drawings to apply for planning permission 2) we can lower the height of the garden room to 2.5m however this compromises the internal height and will be 2m instead of 2.4m which is the normal height of a room in your house. If you are in East Renfrewshire you can double check HERE.

These are all points to consider and will be asked during your garden survey!